SkyGen Technology

SkyGen uses two mirrors that rotate in order to reflect more sunlight onto 2 PV panels. Because SkyGen can angle the mirrors 180° it can reflect early and late daylight when the sun is low on the horizon and standard PV panels produce little or no power.

Solar Concentrator

The SkyGen mirrors operate independently to reflect early morning and evening sunlight onto the PV panels.


Key Benefits of SkyGen






605% more peak time energy

SkyGen’s rotating east/west mirrors allow it to reflect more useable light onto PV panels during peak demand. At 6.30pm in summer, SkyGen PV panels are still producing 25% of their rated capacity.


up to 120% more profit pa

By producing more power in peak demand periods when prices are highest SkyGen can more than double existing PV profitability.



Retrofit or new installation

SkyGen can be retrofitted to existing installations or installed as a complete new system. 

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